ChromaLuxe Connection Photo Panel 8
ChromaLuxe is the leader in high-definition surfaces that are the most vibrant, durable and will last a lifetime. Our manufacturing process uses the latest technology to provide the highest quality metal prints, wood photo panels, and table top in the industry. Through the process of dye sublimation, images are infused directly into specially coated sheets of metal, wood and table top panels. The process turns every image into a vibrant work of art. All panels are highly durable, scratch and abrasion resistant.

Create gallery quality wall art by pairing multiple ChromaLuxe prints together, creating a collage, or one image across the entire series. Sold in cases of 10.

Photo Panels & CellPhone Covers - Chromaluxe Connection Photo Panels Brand: ISW 
Connections Photo Panels
  • Qty
    8" x 8" Connection
    Price: $62.60
  • Qty
    10" x 10" Connection
    Price: $89.60
  • Qty
    8" x 10" Alum Connection
    Price: $63.90

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