OKI C711 White Data Laser Printer 8.5
No more having to screenprint or contour-cut with vinyl cutter/plotters to get white lettering or graphics! Print efficiently and easily with the new OKI Data proColor series C711WT laser fabric transfer printer. Using a combination of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and White toners, this heat transfer paper printer can print a full spectrum of rich, high-definition colors - including more than you are used to! This unique white toner technology also makes especially efficient use of the current self-weeding heat transfer papers currently available on the market, so you are never limited by your printing again! The OKI C711WT features a straight through media path to print up to 140lb weight media, transfer media up to 8.5? x 14?, as well as a 530 sheet lower paper cassette to handle every-day printing.

  • Prints may be transferred on to any coated or uncoated surfaces
  • Outdoor Durability: 3-5 years for hard surfaces, 50+ washings for garments
  • Additional UV coating is recommended for outdoor applications requiring longer durability
  • Use Digi-Trans No-Weed and FOREVER Laser Papers
  •  OKI C711 White Data Laser Printer 8.5" x 14" Brand: ISW 
    Price: $3,406.30 / EA    Quantity: