1 pair of Wrap Gloves

1 pair of Wrap Gloves
The new WrapGlove (Black) is an improvement over the original WrapGlove. Changes in Changes in weave, yarn and construction make for a more durable glove. The WrapGlove Black will perform just as the original Yellow, but now with better durability. Here is a list of attributes for the WrapGlove (Black):
  • Now you can machine wash and dry (in dryer)
  • No longer will shrinkage be as prominent as before
  • Static Resistant (Standard)
  • Lint Free: (Standard) Note: Some heating of fingertips may need to be needed sometime within first use)
  • Reinforced fingertips
  • New cuff design
  • One size fits most is now more accomodating to larger hands

    Note to User: The WrapGlove is constructed to fit tight to most average hands sizes right out of the package. Some with larger hands may need to take care in compressing areas between the fingers down to achieve the proper fit in fingertips. Conversely, some may find that the glove may be too large for their hands. To reduce the size it's recommended that you wash them in Hot Water and Dry in Dryer prior to use.
  • One Pair.

     1 pair of Wrap Gloves Brand: S+B 
    Price: $18.50 / PK    Quantity:      
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