DS1 10Mil 24
The SPB-WRPPDS Elite Stay-Flat Poly Pro is an Aqueous Printable 10 mil polypropylene has a specially formulated coating on the backside to force the media to lay flat on both sides. WRPPDS has very good tear resistance and its smooth matte, microporous top coating gives it the ability to reproduce accurate color. This is an ideal product for indoor signage. WRPPDS has been designed for dye, pigmented aqueous, and latex inks.
10Mil Matte Stay-Flat PolyPro 100' Roll

  • Printing Inks: Aqueous, Latex, & UV Cured
  • Finish: Matte White
  • Base Material: Polypropylene
  • Base Weight: 147GSM
  • Caliper: 10mil
  • Whiteness 136 CIE Ganz
  • Outdoor Durability: 6 months

    Aqueous, ES, Latex, & UV Media - 10mil Stay-Flat Poly Banner Media Brand: SPB 
    10Mil Matte Stay-Flat PolyPro 100' Roll
    • Qty
      24"x 100Ft
      Price: $44.80
    • Qty
      36"x 100Ft
      Price: $67.20
    • Qty
      36"x 200Ft
      Price: $134.40
    • Qty
      42"x 100Ft
      Price: $78.40
    • Qty
      50"x 100Ft
      Price: $93.50
    • Qty
      60"x 100Ft
      Price: $112.00

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